Sunday School


Sunday School Begins at 9AM

Our desire is to see follower's of Jesus Christ grow in their faith.  Jesus in the great commission commanded us to "Teach" all that "He"has commanded us. Sunday School plays an important role in enriching the lives of our congregation.  Through the teaching of God's Word, the bible, our minds are renewed and God's purpose for our lives are realized.
Join us this Sunday at 9AM, we have classes for all ages.

 Sunday School Director:  Jamie Sircy / Assistant:  Ward Winfree

Sunday School Secretary - Ward Winfree

Class Teacher Assistant
Nursery Barbara Vantrease Megan McDonald, Anna Sircy
2's & 3's Wendy Cond Jayrah Haley
4's & 5's Patty Slagle Jayrah Haley
1st & 2nd Grade Sue Bucy Vicky Green
3rd - 4th Grade Jill Greenhaw Galen Brown
5th - 6th Grade Lynn Vaden Galen Brown
Youth I (6th - 8th Gr.) Jerry Slagle Steve Armistead
Youth II (9th - 12th Gr.) Cory McDonald Heather Potts
 Youth Singles Class  Tina Craighead Krisney Flory, Jerry Craighead
Adult II Men Wayne Winfree Bobby Hawkins
Adult II Women Sandra Vaden Marla Ratliff
Adult III Men James Gentry
Adult III Women Lesa Manning
Adult IV Women Elaine Baker
Married Adult I (18-35) Mac & Leigh Petty


 Married Adult II (36-55)      Ray and Diane Gilder